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The goal is to say goodbye to curation algorithms that keep you firmly planted in one or two genres and languages. The world has so much to offer and for you to discover. I help you ask, “What’s Curation”?

I publish twice a week, and you get a YouTube link to a song in your inbox around 9 am EST. I choose a wide range of genres and languages. I do a short write-up about why I enjoy that song, where I discovered it, or dissect the emotion behind the music video.

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I’m Nikhil. I’m a freelance copywriter (open for business and fulltime gigs in advertising!). I’ve been listening to music for over 20 years—from cassettes, audio CDs, mixtapes, analog radio stations, you name it. I have tons of music to share and interesting takes on each track I share.

Nikhil Rajagopalan holding a copy of Junior by Thomas Kemeny and posing like a saint from renaissance times
The patron saint of trying to break into advertising.

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Kate Lindsay, co-author of Embedded said it so well in her article on creating trust with readers that I’m going to quote it verbatim:

If all else fails, I’ll leave you with these two pieces of advice: Trust recommendations from humans, not algorithms, and treat your clicks like currency—give them to the kind of content you want to see more of, not less. 

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Sara, a copywriter, listens to music every day. Yet she discovered something new.

Sarah, a music aficionado, is loving the tracks I shared so far!

Mirela, an editor from Romania, appreciates the selection!

Malavika, from India tweets:

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Malavika Thirukode @MThirukode
whatscuration.substack.com Every weekend I catch up with a new playlist curated by my dearest friend Nikhil. A passion project that has gifted me beautiful, nostalgic and experimental playlists, with stories on their journey to my inbox. #weekendfun

A LinkedIn connection of a connection, Ebin writes in:

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Nikhil Rajagopalan

A copywriter in Toronto